Servisa building materials combines all services in the field of transport, processing and storage of construction waste. As a certified waste management company, we have the license to trade and broker the recyclable materials.



Construction waste accounts for the largest share of total waste generation in Germany. As a certified waste management company according to EfbV (TÜV Thüringen), we collect and recycle mineral construction waste at our own recycling plant in Mittenwalde/Töpchin. From this we extract high-quality RC materials, bulk materials, as well as soils, which are used in various areas such as road or dam construction. Thus, the man-made anthropogenic material stockpile is reintroduced into the recyclable material cycle. The reused mineral construction waste not only conserves resources and energy, it is also cheaper than newly produced building materials.

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Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a wide network of contacts. Knowing the current market situation is one of our most important competencies - that's why we are always up to date on the supply and demand of recyclables.



In the course of your construction work, we offer comprehensive, individual advice and support from our trained specialists. Depending on your needs, we have a wide range of container sizes at our disposal. With our own fleet of transporters we are able to act flexibly. The containers with a sort separation from building rubble to excavated earth enable a professional disposal. If a parking permit for the public road is required, we take care of this before the containers are placed. Within the framework of the agreements made beforehand, we collect the containers on call or on the desired collection date - we then dispose your waste professionally.